QUALIMAX® is the last generation porcelain stoneware: thanks to the innovative size 300x150 cm and thickness 6 mm, the natural and hygienic surface and its technology, it is the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor wall coverings, floors, stairs, kitchen tops and cut to size for domestic and industrial destination.



The porcelain stoneware natural surface has always been synonim with hygiene and easy cleaning . This allows also its domestic use and ensures the maximum healthiness.
Qualimax® is surprising for its lightness in comparison to other materials with the same use.
Thanks to the latest technology Qualimax®is produced in the exceptional size 300x150 cm, changing the way to think the surfaces.
Qualimax® ensures the maximum resistance and a variety of uses.
Qualimax® is realized with high quality natural raw materials through a high temperature sintering process and respecting the environment.